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Our composition department is staffed by a team of typesetters and EDGAR conversion specialists that can save you time and help you avoid critical errors in content and formatting when preparing your documents for printing. Regardless of the medium you provide or the native file format you utilize, our composition team will quickly and accurately transform your documents into professional-looking, appropriately formatted finished products.

No matter how you provide your files, digital documents, printed documents, or even marked up versions of old documents, our composition capabilities enable Tri-State Financial Printing to seamlessly convert your documents. This will eliminate the countless hours your staff has been spending formatting documents on their own, and reduce the time you invest in reviewing finalized documents. As the financial printing world evolves with new requirements and new technologies, you can rest assured that Tri-State Financial Printing will continue to stay ahead of the curve.

The total Tri-State Financial system approach to typesetting enables you to avoid dealing with the minutia of document formatting and devote your personnel resources to the core aspects of your business.

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