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Just right
Many companies have found that Tri-State Financial Printing is just right for them. Being smaller than the "big three" financial printers enables us to offer more personalized service and lower costs. But Tri-State Financial is big enough to offer capabilities that even some of the big three can't.

From simple compliance materials such as proxy statements, annual reports, 10K's and prospectus to more complicated transactional documents such as registration statements, proxy fight materials or tender offer materials, Tri-State Financial Printing can handle it all. Whether you're a claims agent requiring noticing services or printing of disclosure statements, no job is too big or too small for Tri-State. In additional to our traditional financial printing services, we offer a full range of bankruptcy services to service claims agents, bankruptcy law firms, and reorganization/restructuring companies.

No matter if you're a small, mid or large-cap company or a mutual fund, our pricing will be just right as well. Our flexibility, creativity, and optimum size enable us to get projects done that other financial printers might turn down.

Our people know printing
Tri-State Financial Printing provides expansive printing capabilities, including high-speed digital printing and copying, digital print on demand, state-of-the-art sheet-fed printing and cold and heat set web printing. No matter how big or small the project, from the simple black and white to multi-color and complex varnishes and die-cutting and binding processes, Tri-State Financial Printing can handle it all.

Our people know more than printing
Knowing everything there is to know about printing is good. Knowing what you need or may have overlooked in the demanding, quick-turn world of financial printing is better. Many Tri-State Financial Printing employees have worked at transfer agents, proxy solicitors, or in other areas of the financial community before starting careers in financial printing. That means they not only understand financial printing, they understand the intricacies of the other requirements that revolve around the services we provide and the right questions to ask. That translates into eliminating headaches and delivering value in a way that almost can't be measured.

We think outside the pressroom
Helping publicly traded companies maintain relationships and communicate effectively with shareholders and the SEC is no longer just an ink-on-paper process. The Internet now plays an important part in helping companies reduce the expense associated with these two aspects of financial communications and financial printing. We have the capacity and expertise to host your documents online, make your proxy materials available via the Internet, provide digital print on demand and find other ways to help you get the most for your communications budget.

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For more detailed information about all of the services offered by Tri-State Financial Printing, visit SERVICES for those that best relate to your needs.

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